Regain Your Confidence

Get easy access to accredited Dermatology Specialists who treat severe and persistent acne in adolescents and adults.

What is Acne Concierge?

So many people suffering from acne have limited time and access to dermatologists. Acne Concierge is a telehealth dermatology service that provides convenient access to help you. Whether you lead a busy life or need to regain your confidence, our Dermatology Specialists are available to provide comprehensive care for you. 


Five Simple Steps


Select a date that works for you. Tell us about your acne.

Mobile App

Download a secure mobile app for your telehealth consultation

Check In

Log into your personal portal. Tell us you have arrived.

Video Consultation

Meet your Dermatology Specialist to create a treatment plan

Personalized Treatment

Personalized skincare and lifestyle recommendations. Prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy.
Our Solution

A Wellness Approach

Our Acne Solution uses skincare and lifestyle changes, to heal your skin naturally. Prescription treatments may also be used when necessary.

First Consultation

What You Will Receive

When you schedule your initial appointment, your Acne Concierge Consultation will include:

Original Price $250

Limited Time $120

Fee for service / Not billing medical insurance
Services only available to Oregon residents currently, but will be expanded to other states soon.

Subsequent Consultations

Follow Up Visits

After your initial consultation, follow up visits with our Dermatology Specialists is recommended to review the effectiveness of your treatment plan, make changes and to renew your prescriptions if necessary.

Original Price $120

Limited Time $80

We also have a Concierge Team of healthcare professionals who can support you as you implement your treatment plan.

Dermatology Specialist

Meet Dr. Chong Foo

Dr Chong Foo is an American Board-certified Dermatologist who has been practicing dermatology for more than seven years. He has a deep interest in holistic health and wellness, and believes that healing acne starts from living a healthy lifestyle. He completed his dermatology residency at the University of Utah, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Why Invest in Your Skin?

Because You Are Worth It

Facial or body acne can cause a person to feel self-conscious or lose confidence. We can to help you manage your acne and regain your confidence. You are definitely worth it.

Feel Beautiful

Enjoy Your Engagements

Work Confidently

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