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Acne Concierge is a telehealth dermatology service that helps people with acne. We use a holistic medical approach to help people heal their skin.

Telehealth Dermatology Service

Dermatology Consultation

You will receive a one-on-one telehealth video consultation with a Dermatology Specialist using a secure mobile patient portal (Pocket PatientTM). You will access the consultation on your mobile phone from the comfort of your own home.

How It Works

Five Simple Steps


Select a date that works for you. Tell us about your acne.

Mobile App

Download a secure mobile app for your telehealth consultation

Check In

Log into your personal portal. Tell us you have arrived.

Video Consultation

Meet your Dermatologist Specialist to create a treatment plan

Personalized Treatment

Personalized skincare and lifestyle recommendations. Prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy.

Step 1: Self-Schedule Your Appointment

When you select ‘Schedule Appointment’, this will take you through a few steps to collect some personal information and allow you to select an appointment date and time for your telehealth video consultation.

Step 2: Secure Mobile App

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment, along with instructions to download and log into a secure mobile app (Pocket PatientTM) for your telehealth video consultation. You can complete your medical history, select your pharmacy and make payments through this app.

Step 3: Check In for Your Appointment

You will check in for your telehealth consultation using the mobile app on your phone. Please check in for your appointment at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time to verify your personal and medical information and make payment. (Only credit and debit card payments are accepted. We will not be billing your medical insurance.)

Once you have checked in, select ‘I’m Here’ and we will know you have arrived. You are free to leave the mobile app environment if you''ve checked in early.

Step 4: Telehealth Video Consultation

After you have checked in, you will receive a text message when your provider is ready for your appointment. Log back into the mobile app and start your consultation.

During the consultation, your Dermatology Specialist will assess the type of acne you have, review your previous treatments and create a personalized treatment plan.

Step 5: Personalized Treatment Plan

At the end of the visit, you will receive a personal treatment plan that includes recommended (if necessary)

  • Skin care routine, and products if necessary
  • Lifestyle or dietary modifications
  • Prescription acne treatments if necessary


    The best treatment plan is only effective if it is implemented consistently. After your initial consultation, our concierge team can support you with integrating your plan into your daily lifestyle.

    Follow Up Consultations

    Follow up consultations with our Dermatology Specialists may be needed to review the effectiveness of your treatment plan, make changes or to renew your prescriptions.

    Fee For Service

    Acne Concierge provides a fee-for-service consultation. This means your medical insurance will not be billed for your consultation. Only credit and debit card payments are accepted. We are currently only able to provide consultations to Oregon residents. Our service will expand to other states shortly.

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